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Test Your Knowledge

Test updated 09-02-00

Complete all Questions then Check Answers on Answer Page

            1.    Raynaud's syndrome is caused by:

a.  vitamin B deficiency

b.  spasm of arteries in hands

c.  too much sun exposure

d.  tuberculosis


            2.    Chelation therapy is a treatment for:

a.  color blindness

b.  fatigue

c.  tylenol overdose

d.  heavy metal poisoning

            3.     Loss of smell and taste are caused by:

 a.  high blood pressure

b. nerve damage to cranial nerve

c.  iron deficiency

d.  flouride in drinking water

            4.    The drug Viagra was initially developed to treat:

a.  heart disease

b.  kidney disease

c.  impotence

d.  seizures

            5.    Which has the most potent venom:

a.  black widow spider

b. rattlesnake

c.  copperhead

d.  brown recluse spider


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