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Test Your Knowledge

Test updated 09-09-00

Complete all Questions then Check Answers on Answer Page

            1.    Pink Eye can be caused by:

a.  virus infection

b.  allergies

c.  bacterial infection

d.  chemical irritation


            2.    Rheumatoid Arthritis is associated with:

a.  being tall

b. an antibody to joint cartilege

c.  eating carrots

d.  watching Jay Leno

            3.     Environmental allergens common in the fall include:

 a.  tree pollen

b. ragweed

c. mold spores

d.  grass pollen

            4.    Facts about Melanoma:

a.  it is associated with sun exposure

b.  spreads to brain and eye

c.  can be prevented by using sun screens and hats

d.  affected Senator McCain

            5.    Vitamin B12 deficiency:

a.  is caused by a lack of Intrinsic Factor

b. treated my monthly B12 injections

c.  can cause nerve damage

d. can cause pernicious anemia


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