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Test Your Knowledge

Test updated 09-15-00

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            1.    Infectious diarrhea is caused by the following parasite:

a.  Campylobacter

b.  Giardia lamblia

c.  Salmonella

d.  Shigella


            2.    Hypothyroidism is a condition found in what % of women over 60?:

a.  10%

b. 30%

c.  50%

d.  75%


            3.     Type II or Adult Onset Diabetes can be reversed by a decrease in:

 a.  hair length

b. exercise

c. body fat

d.  sun exposure


            4.    The following conditions usually present silently or without symptoms:

a.  hypertension

b.  glaucoma

c.  anemia

d.  cancer of the ovary


            5.    Iron deficiency is associated with:

a.  very large red blood cells

b. small and variably shaped red blood cells

c.  chronic bleeding

d. often the first sign of colon cancer



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